Right, Right? Right

Right, Right? Right. Brings a selection of fictional podcasts in which participants became right wing for one hour. Interviews, marches, speeches and more are intervened by different artists and invites.

These series of podcasts aim to be on the other and desperately make us wonder, who is the Other now?


Right, right, right.

Episode 1: Right wing Frankenstein by Liv Schulman


26 min 8 seg  


Sinopsis: In order to re-think the emerging right wing, Radio Carabuco proposed a protocol to french/argentinian artist Liv Schulman: The artist has to impersonate as a parody, right wing leaders from different parts of the world all in one body. In this occasion, Schulman incarnates Afd leader Frauke Petry,italian Matteo Salvini and french Marie le Pen. To do so, Radio Carabuco took only questions from diverse interviews taken from youtube clips (Tim Sebastian for Conflict Zone at DW, Andrew Marr for BBC News and Stephen Sackur for HARDtalk).


Liv Schulman is a visual artist and writer, live and works in Paris, France.


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