María Mercedes II

María Mercedes II

Trailer: María Mercedes arrives to Berlin. Performed by Elia Nurvista and Andrés Pereira Paz


18 min 27 seg  


Sinopsis: Maria Mercedes is a Mexican telenovela from the 90s. The original telenovela, deals with the struggles of a young girl working at a rich man’s house until, after an entire plot, they fall in love with each other.  For Radio Carabuco’s first presentation, a second apocryphal version in the saga is brought as a radionovela performed by indonesian artist Elia Nurvista (María Mercedes II) and bolivian Andrés Pereira Paz (Pulgoso the dog). This time María Mercedes is a young struggling artist that wants to make it in Berlin’s effervescent art scene.


Elia Nurvista is a visual artist. Lives and works between Yogyakarta and Berlin.


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