Radio stories

Until nowadays social movements in Bolivia still use radio as politicians do with Twitter. Come and join a series of specialists that will drive us through the history and roles that radio had and has nowadays in this crazy country.

Episode 1: Popular Bolivian radio and social conflict:  A conversation between Stanislaw Czaplicky and Andrés Pereira Paz

Audio: 56 min 50 seg

The role of media is something that is in play at the moment. Western democracies as well as social factions are being threatened by the way media can control social subjectivity when it comes to specific events (elections, for example).In the Bolivian case, radio has played a key role regarding social conflicts and  have proven to be an effective means of mass coordination and articulation; an interactive medium that facilitates communication between groups. In this podcast, bolivian polish economist, activist, street artist Stanislaw Czaplicky examines the impact and processes of radio during 3 social milestones in bolivian contemporaneity: The Gas war, The Water war and the current TIPNIS situation in the bolivian Amazon.


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