My journey through Hell

A selection of audios regarding testimonials of South American evangelical pastors in  that have been to hell and back, a selection of artists/DJs from around the world will make a series of mixes that can turn any party into a living hell!

My journey to hell

Episode 1: Rosa Jane Damiana Fonda by Gabriel Acevedo Velarde    


5 min 8 seg  


Sinopsis: During the 90’s in Bolivian evangelical scene a star was born. Priestess Rosa Damiana had gone to heaven and hell starting a trend of testimonials in bolivian evangelical early radios. In her original testimony Rosa Damiana describes her journeys to heaven and hell. For this occasion radio Carabuco commissioned peruvian artist Gabriel Acevedo Velarde to build an audio piece. Acevedo mixes Rosa Damiana’s testimonial with Jane Fonda’s aerobic music, leading us to think  that a body in hell would be in constant exercise as well as in a deeply erotic relation with ‘’the forbidden’’.

Gabriel Acevedo Velarde is a visual and sound artist. Lives and works in Lima, Perú

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